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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Christmas Is Near

Hello everyone, yes I have been absent from my blog for a while and im feeling a tad bit guilty now. Like most of us bloggers our time seems to be consumed with homelife sometimes and I have been busy looking after the grandchildren through school holidays and then a fabulous holiday in Florida. Im just about getting over the jet lag and getting back into normal life flow.

So now crafting is back in full swing and I have been really busy this past week making christmas gift boxes for the local school Christmas Fayre. I am upto 14 so far and will be making a video tutorial for you, but for now here is some pictures. I constructed the box using a Origami fold and will be posting a tutorial very soon.

Time to do some catching up on what you have all been up to over the last few months :-)


Cheryl said...

wow these are amazing,so glad you are back cant wait to see how you made them as they are truly stunning love cheryl xx

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