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Friday, 5 September 2008

First Scrapbook

A few years ago when my dad passed away my grandaughter was 4 1/2 years old she was very close to him and he loved to tease her as he always did with us when we were children and she loved the attention as little ones do, Im quite surprised that she does still talk about him quite often and generally out of the blue, so i got to thinking that as she grows older these memories will gradually fade and beocome very distant. This inspired me to make her a scrapbook full of photos and memrobelia of him so she can look at it often with the hope of keeping those memories a little more fresh in her mind. I have now completed my first 4 pages so only 16 more to go, I have started with the oldest photos I have of him and will gradually bring them upto the times she can remember. Hope you like them, im fairly pleased so far and I think Megan will just love it, hope so anyway.


Olga Pope said...

Beautiful pages, well done!

Leanne said...

Fantastic scrapbook pages, they are gorgeous xx

Liz said...

Oh these are lovely :) I'm in awe of anyone who can scrapbook, I'm so rubbish at it!

Liz x