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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Christmas Fayre Update

Just a quickie for now, the Christmas Fayre went quite well and it is fair to say that for my first attempt I am really quite pleased. Apparently it is was fairly quiet this year so knowing that fact makes my sales a bonus and although I did not sell out it has boosted my confidence to go on and attend more fayres but my thoughts are that craft fayres would be the better option. So all you crafters out there who may be a little afraid to take the plunge I would say go for it as the feedback I got was that people do like and will buy your handcrafted products.

I hope this will inspire you to have a go for yourself and now on a different note I have some exciting tips for you regarding Google Picasa but I am afraid it will have to wait but please watch this space for some more very soon.

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