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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Paper Pricking & Card Stitching & Free Pattern

How nice it is not to be making Christmas cards so this was a nice change for me, after finding a paper pricking pattern on the net I was glad to have something new to try out. Just one problem though a quick trip to our brand new local Hobbycraft with whom I have a love hate relationship to buy some cottons I found myself at the till having spent £50.00 - wow how did i manage that one?

Not sure really products just seem to drop into my basket - oh well its good job the other half was not with me he would of had a heart attack. Now that is why I have a love hate relationship with Hobbycraft, its great to have their store on my doorstep and I am loving that, but I am just spending tooooo much so some stronger willpower will definately need to come into force me thinks before I get into trouble and married bliss becomes married horror lol.

I made this card with a free template I will post a link at the bottom if you would like to download it, it is the best one I have found so far and I have very much enjoyed the stitching so if anyone knows of some good sites for free templates please let me know. The backing paper was from Cuddly Buddly, some pale pink bazzil card and pink satin ribbon from stash.

A very nice economical card - ah thats good at least the card didnt cost much make. I now need to stay away from the shopping centre.

First attempt at card stitching - so nice and simple to begin with

Another one in the making

oops nearly forgot the link to the free pattern here


Olga Pope said...

It's beautiful!
Olga x

cheryl said...

oh this is just simply beautiful hgus cheryl xxxxx

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