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Sunday, 19 October 2008


Well guys i just cant believe this, here I am again giving my apologies for the lack of activity on this blog but here is the story. Last weekend Princess Favours had been asked to supply some favours for a very posh local hotel Hogarths who were holding their wedding open day. So on my arrival laden with all my boxes and eager to get going I hastily checked which room i needed to take them to, but ooppps whats this here a tiny what agggggghhhh steppppppp well that was oh soooo not such an elegant entrance you have ever seen and then a hasty trip to the local hospital, thankfully no broken bones but a serious strained ankle is the result and a week later still suffering with nasty swelling but im so glad i can now at least walk on it a little as if i overdo it then the aches and pains tend to set in. So I have had a very interesting week if not very pleasant. As you can imagine there is loads to catch up on but hopefully we wont be keeping you waiting to long now. So from us keep safe and keep watching as we have loads to announce soon.