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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

No Crafting Work

What a couple of weeks, done no crafting at all due to suffering with toothache and visiting the dreaded dentists chair. Well with teeth now sorted - I hope my Dyson decided to die on me and that was painful, I can I possibly live without my beloved Dyson so having spent all day searching for the best deal it would semm that Argos have it going at the moment. Although I am not to thrilled about having to part with the best of £200 its a great saving on prices else where. So my thanks to Argos

Onto something a little more crafty well storage more than crafty, I have been spending some time on sorting out my ribbon storage. After finding some fabulous draw files in Tescos for only £2.99 thats another bargain up my sleeve I guess. I mus say I am really pleased with the find and i now have some great lokking and tidy too ribbon storage.
This is how my ribbons looked before and after


What a difference I absolutely love them and I can thing of many other ways to utelize thes draws so I will be collecting a couple more on my next visit to Tescos. There storage capacity is great I must have at least 50 strips of card which I made myself to wind the ribbons onto.
So if you fancy a ribbon makeover pop into to your local Tescos and treat yourself to some.

So thank you Tescos

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But for now I am going to check out Itunes who knows I may even find some more bargains lol

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