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Sunday, 12 July 2009

How To Make A Paper Tortillion

A tortillion is a rolled up piece of paper which resembles a pencil. These can then be used to blend colors together using prismacolors and sansador. By making your own you can save some money, just follow the steps below.


You may find that your tortillion becomes stained after some use, you can clean the tip using a normal nail file and gently file the tip.

You Will Need

A Piece of Paper (A4 is recommeneded)
Slim Knitting Needle/Wide Wire

Get an A4 paper (optional, you can use ordinary paper). At the top left corner, use your ruler to mark one inch down. Down at the bottom right corner, mark one inch up.

Connect the two points and cut across the line using scissors. Now you have two slabs of paper for two tortillions.

Beginning at the small end, roll the paper as even and tight as possible, working your way towards the wide end. Once this is done, hold on to it nice and strong.

Push a slim knitting needle or a fat wire into the open part of the tortillon so it takes the shape of a pencil.

Protect the paper with tiny strip of tape. Trim any extra paper around the top.