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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Stampin Up Set

I have just finished my first set of cards using my first stampin up set from the pocket silouhettes range. I recently joined Joanne's stamp 10 club and basically we have committed to make one order to the value of 15.00 per month for the next ten months, we all get a chance for 2 months worth of freebies, so that cant be bad. Really looking forward to getting my next order and i think the following month is my turn to get one of my freebies so roll on april.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Freebie Background Swirly Papers

I have some more free background papers for you in a few different colours with a swirly design. If you would like me to create something for you in a specific design just let me know and I will do my very best, I just cant get enough of designing in PSE lol its so much fun.

You have a choice of Pink, Blue, Lilac or Green in these freebie papers. They are in 300dpi so the print quality should be very good. As usual to download them just right click and save. One of these days I will set a way to download them from file saving website, but right click works just as easily.

The only thing I ask is, it would be really nice if you would leave me a comment if you download the freebie, I would really appreciate the time you take to do this, as it takes quite some time to create these freebies.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Fred She Said Fall Flower Card Gift Set

Wow what a gorgous mild spring day it has been today, I really hope this keeps up for a while yet, it feels like someone let me out of prison after such a cold winter. Hope you are all enjoying this lovely spring.

If you have been a follower of Fred She Said then you are probably a keen follower like me lol, if not and you havent seen any of her products then you are seriously missing out on a treat. Julie Stewart was featured on Traceys spotlight this week and I loved the gift set of cards she made so much I just had to make some of my own. Well actually I have been looking for some inspiration to create some really nice sets for a summer fete that i will be doing later this year in August. My idea is that is I start to make some stuff now and do a bit each week It wont be like a madhouse here come July. Well thats the plan anyway, weather it pans out well is another matter all together. So here is a peek at the gift card set using Fred She Said Fall flowers.