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Thursday, 4 December 2008

A Big Thank You

Am I so glad to be back to normal that has been one of the worst couple of months I have had, what started out as a bad strain turned into damaged ligaments and boy was it painful, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. But what i really want to say is thank you to all your good wishes that you have sent to me I have just been reading them all and I am overwhelmed by your lovely comments. I am hoping to start blogging again with a vengeance, but is going to take me quite some time to catch up with you all and find out what you have all been upto.

Just to draw your attention to the link on the right to a site I found where you can download some candy bar wrapping software just in case anyone is thinking of making some sweets for Christmas or even if you buy some chocolate bars and would like to add a little personal touch. You may even know someone who is thinking of making their own wedding favours. Im off now to start reading some blogs.

Check it out here also