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Saturday, 28 June 2008

Puppy Love

Now i know i should be posting all the cards that i have been so busy creating but i just couldnt resist posting this picture of my grandaughters new Puppy called Buster, all the way from Edinburgh. He has been named after the little dog in Toy Story as he too is a long haired miniture dachshound. I think he looks a bit sad at the moment and missing his Mom, but rest assured he is getting lots of cuddles. He is so tiny i had to lie down on the floor to take these photo's


Linny said...

Oh Bless! Look at those adorable sad eyes! Your wedding favours are fantastic Chrissy.

WeirdCat said...

OMG those eyes, he's soooo cute
Ruth x

WeirdCat said...

Me again, take a look at my blog so you can pick up your award

Wendy said...

He's just soooooooo cute

Sue Shaw said...

Awwww how cute is he - gorgeous! With those eyes he's gonna get away with murder!!
Sue. xxx