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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Free Five Petal Crochet Flower Pattern

 Embelishments are the finishing touch to your projects and this can become quite expensive, here is a little crochet flower pattern that I use quite often.

 An effective and cheap way to embellish your work is making crochet flowers, not only will you use up all your old scraps of wool but you can save some pennies too, dont know about you but I am always looking for good ways to save some pennies.

They only take a few minutes to make and even if you are a novice at crochet they are simple to create. I will be adding a video for those who dont crochet but would like to have a go at making these versatile embellishments.


ch - chain stitch
sl st -  slip stitch
sc -  single crochet
dc -  double crochet
3dc -  three double crochets in same stitch


Step 1: Make 5 ch  and  join with sl st to form ring.
Step 2: 10 sc in centre of ring.
Step 3: sl st to top of first sc.
Step 4: create a petal in the first sc - sc, 3dc, sc
Step 5: continue creating small petals in every other sc using the same pattern - five petals in total.  sl st to join with first sc of first petal.
Step 6: turn to the back of the flower, sc down through base opening of small petal.
Step 7: ch 3, and sc through next petal base opening.
Step 8: repeat 4 more times in each opening. sl st through first sc, creating a series of 5 loops total.
Step 9: create a large petal in the first loop -  sc, 5dc, sc
step 10: continue creating a large petal in each of the remaining 4 loops. sl st to join with first sc of first petal.

I added some tiny pearls to the centre of mine but again you can use anything you might have suitable in your stash.


Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous... I love the colour and the finished flower!!

Thank you so much for sharing... something else added to my "to try" list ;)

Love Laura xxx

Snowsmoon said...

What size needle did you use? Those are so cute...tfs and what a great idea.

Send Cheap Flowers said...

This is so lovely! Your instructions look quite easy to follow. Thanks for sharing :)

LoloDesigns said...

I love the look of this crochet flower, it's much more modern than the irish roses that I do. Thank you for sharing the pattern with us all. Lolo xx

JB said...

Adorable flower - have a few questions:

What size hook did you use.

In Step 6 do you insert hook in base of petal then into the ring to make the sc.

In Step 8 do you turn so you are working in front to continue to Step 9. Really would enjoy a video of this flower.


JB said...
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Spyder said...

Thanks for the link back to here, shame there's no picture tho, and I'm a rubbish knitter, but yo never know I might try it again some day!
Have a great day

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