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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Awesome Craft Site - Find A Freebie

While blog hopping this morning I found this fab craft site, now we all at some point search the net for good quality freebies which can be time consuming and I dont know about you but I also get distracted from the job in hand when I come across some good sites, which in turn makes the process even longer lol.

At craft cave you can have all those freebies at hand just by the click of your mouse - great stuff. But on a serious note this site is a must for your favourite box. Here is a extract of what they are about:

The articles on this site should provide something for "free", such as a downloadable digital scrapbooking template or kit, a printable item for scrapbooking, a papercraft model, a tutorial or a challenge. The CraftCrave search engine also scans the web daily for new articles such as these and then posts them here. You can find articles found by the engine by looking through the craftcrave user profile or via the search engine group. However, it is much better to use the site categories to find what you want. For example, if I want to find the top digital scrapbooking items for today, then select the Digital Scrapbooking category (listed under the Paper-Based Crafts menu) and then select Top Today in the sorting area. Don't forget that everyone is on different timezones so make sure you check Yesterday too.

Visit them on the link below

Craft Crave

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Maria said...

Thanks so much for the referral! :-)